Full Mouth Rehabilitation


The roots, truth and tooth. There's a lot behind a great smile

This course is unique of its kind to enable the practitioners to skilfully manage full mouth rehabilitation. Participants will learn to identify and treat the root cause of the problem pertaining to the teeth, soft tissue or TMJ disorders, and use a sequential approach to completely restore the overall health of the oral cavity. Participants will be taught the necessary principles, to diagnose a complicated case and rehabilitate using  latest equipment’s and aesthetic materials. They will gain a clear understanding of the various restorative options, and when to consider orthodontic/orthognathic alternatives for their cases.

Our academy is well established with state of the art advanced equipment’s and materials to impart a world class training. The modules are carefully designed to ensure easy implementation of the learnt concepts in the day to day practice to help patients get their smile and confidence back.


  • Documentation
    • Case History
    • Photography
    • Gnathostatic models
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Digital treatment planning – DSD concepts
  • Rehabilitation:
    • 3 phase management technique:
      • Identifying.and treating the root cause of the problem


  • Minimal intervention dentistry
  • caries management


  • Occlusion in Dentistry- A multi-disciplinary approach
  • Types of Occlusion and different schools of thoughts
  • Relating Teeth, Muscle, Joint and occlusion with the guidance.
  • TMJ Stomatognathic system and muscle physiology
  • TMJ disorders and treatment
  • Components of occlusal determinants – Centric Relation, Inter cuspal position , Centric Occlusion
  • Restoration of VDO/VDR
  • Importance of Articulators, different types and what should be used
  • Face bow transfer – Relating patient’s jaws to the articulators
  • Diagnostic wax up/ 3D Wax Printing
  • Deprogramming the joint
  • Duplication for provisional appliances.
  • Different Techniques Of Provisionalisation
  • Lab communication
  • Timing of Permanent replacement


  • Restoration of dentition
    • Implant
    • FPD(Crown and bridge)
    • Complete Denture
  • Troubleshooting

Demo and Hands-on

  • Basic dental photography
  • Step by step digital treatment planning
  • Face bow transfer
  • Semi adjustable articulator usage
  • Locating and recording CR
  • Occlusal adjustment of the final prosthesis using :
    • Conventional method – using articulator paper
    • Contemporary method – Digital occlusal analysis using T-Scan

Course Highlights:

  • Clinically oriented lectures and demo
  • Multi Disciplinary treatment planning
  • Facial Analysis and Dento-labial analysis with photographs
  • Concepts of occlusion
  • Essentials of face bow transfer and semi – adjustable articulator
  • Understand centric relation and deprogramming the joint
  • Learn key concepts of digital smile design
  • One to one coaching
  • TMJ stomatognathic  system and treatment of TMD
  • Case discussions
    • Troubleshooting
    • Clinical tips and tricks
    • After course support

Instructions to candidates:

Candidates must bring:

  • 2 Passport size photo
  • Xerox copy of Degree and DCI certificate
  • DSLR camera or Digital camera or Smart phone with camera

All materials needed for the training will be provided by the academy

Authored By : Prof. Dr. K. S. Senthil Kumar & Prof. Dr. S.Hemamalathi