Surgical Orthodontics


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Preparation for Orthognathic Surgery is a puzzle which perplexes the mind of even the most skilled Orthodontist and surgeon alike. A surgical case still remains as a challenge due to its high variant of treatment quality.

With a systematic approach of proper diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning using a fully adjustable articulator (SAM-3) we can consistently provide successful results even in complicated surgical cases.

This course will provide a clear prescription to the enigmatic surgical cases, understanding of the principles and treatment strategies, to achieve better aesthetics and function.

Course overview:

The hands-on workshop covers facial analysis, cephalometric treatment planning and articulator model surgery. Each participant will complete a facial analysis which will direct cephalometric treatment planning. Indicated cephalomatric changes will then be used to guide articulated model surgery. Students’ work will be compared to the  patients’ actual treatment plan and surgery.

Modules :

Diagnosis and Treatment planning

Pre Surgical Orthodontics

Post Surgical Orthodontics

Lectures :

  • Basic concepts of orthognathic surgery towards skeletal malocclusion.
  • Airway diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Facial planning
  • Occlusal planning
  • Temperomandibular considerations
  • Accuracy planning
  • Usage of articulators in orthognathic surgery
  • Successful orthodontics and surgical techniques
  • Skeletal and facial analysis

Demo and Hands-on

      - Facebow transfer – articulation of Surgical cases

     - STO – Surgical Treatment Objectives with Cephalometric tracing

      - Model Surgery and Surgical splint construction

The Course Highlights :

- Knowing about skeletal malocclusion

-  Prediction / Treatment planning / Execution of Treatment plan and Management of  Complicated cases

  • Clinically oriented lectures and hands on training
  • Familiarization and handling of latest materials
  • After course online support
  • Limited number of participants to enable one to one coaching
  • Clinical tips and tricks
  • Vendor Interaction
  • Guidance on purchase of materials
  • Guidance to choose dental lab

Trouble shooting

Authored By : Prof. Dr. K. S. Senthil Kumar & Prof. Dr. S.Hemamalathi