Surgical Operating Microscope

Date :18-Jul-2014

Precision Dentistry with the Surgical Operating Microscope



With widespread mushrooming of innovations, surgical applications, instruments and devices, Endodontists can improve their tactile senses to perform procedures in a durable manner.  The Surgical Operating Microscope has leveraged precision dentistry and enhanced vision which is an important aspect of a clinical endodontic practice. The Surgical Operating Microscope is also known as Dental Surgical Microscope or Dental Operating Microscope (DOM).

Used for the purpose of illuminating and magnification for nonsurgical and surgical micro endodontics, the Surgical Operating Microscope allows endodontists and periodontists to perform required procedures which need resolution beyond the human limit vision of .2mm. The microscope allows the endodontist to reduce the surgical site size which limits discomfort and increases healing period for the patient. Improving accuracy, the microscope helps the dental surgeon to diagnose and inspect the soft tissues. The endodontist can see the root surface and adjacent areas clearly which helps to make quick decisions and necessary action besides rendering detailed inspection of marginal tissues and restorative quality.

With intense illumination and magnification qualities, the microscope facilitates removal of bone without chipping the root surface in laser surgery. Offering micro-level osseous surgery, the Surgical Operating Microscope permits intricate surgery, precision control and the ability to handle delicate operations which involve sinus lift procedures. Helping in mandibular implant procedures, the microscope defines crystal-clear visualization of implant sites reducing or minimizing space between the teeth which allows the surgeon to determine the exact fit of prosthetic devices while examining the health of surface marginal tissues surrounding the implants and in precise accuracy of root amputations.  As a great support for dental surgeons, the Surgical Operating Microscope with its illumination and magnification facilities offers alleviation of occupational problems with better and right posture for dental surgeons.